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A More Resilient Fargo



Identify & Reduce our

Carbon Footprint

In order to reduce how much of an impact Fargo as a city and its residents have on the environment, a full accounting of our carbon footprint needs to be taken. Once we identify sectors that need to be reduced, we can incentives making the switch to a greener solution to the problem. Requiring greener choices be made going forward will decrease future costs of decarbonization.



Diversify & Reinvest in

our Revenue Streams

With the state level government bogged downed by culture war issues, Fargo needs to be resilient enough to sustain itself outside whatever may happen with the Boom and Bust Oil Economy out West, and the circus many are making in Bismarck. The Bank of North Dakota has been a strong financial instrument, a local Public Bank would allow for us to consolidate the debt of our Fargo's residents and to reinvest in our community


Public Health

Fund & Treat

Public Health

Fargo has not been spared from the national mental health crisis'. Like many other places across the state and country, affordable services are too difficult for too man to access. Legalizing recreational cannabis at the city level and using the taxes to fund addiction and other mental health services would help fill these gaps. It would also help shift the culture away from the failed war on drugs and towards treatment instead of incarceration.

Goals: Issues

Campaign Promises

Pace of 1 per 6 Months


with low specials

Continue the work of general infrastructure maintenance of the city while keeping special assessments down, like has been done the last few years

Usage Tracking

our utility use footprint

Implement a system of carbon footprint utility tracking where a summary of each household use is compared to your neighborhood’s and the whole city’s average monthly use, and have that be delivered with the utility bill every month

Cannabis Legalization

at the City Level

Present a charter amendment for city vote to legalize recreational cannabis in the city. Excise tax apportionment, 40% addiction/mental health treatment resources/resources for the unhoused, 40% school board, 20% unapportioned

Goals: List

Bank of Fargo

Publicly Owned Bank

The formation of a Task Force to present a plan for a Publicly Owned City Bank, one that would prioritize the financial and environmental wellbeing of the residents of Fargo.

Fruit Bearing Trees

Incentivise planting trees that fruit, and organize annual collection of fruit for community resiliency

locally sourced produce

Reduce Natural Gas

consumption across the city

Incentives (and standardize the code for future building) heat pumps or other electric only or similarly environmentally strategically beneficial heating/cooling systems

Goals: List

Civic Engagement

culture and encouragement

Make election days city wide Holidays to allow for better access to the right to vote and to grow a culture of civic engagement

Incentives Green

renewable energy options

incentives the installation of and upgrades to the electrical grid that would allow the use of solar panels or other renewable energy sources.

Goals: List
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